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Kicking Off the Fishing Season on Martha's Vineyard

The fishing season is officially underway on Martha's Vineyard, and we've started on a high note. On Sunday, May 14th, Captain Kevin launched the boat into the familiar waters of Vineyard Haven, eager to investigate early signs of squid and striped bass activity.

The day did not disappoint. Squid were leaping from the water, indicating a healthy start to the season. The true excitement, however, lay in the exceptional striped bass activity. The topwater action was nothing short of phenomenal, with bass vigorously attacking the surface, showcasing their strength and agility.

Given the size and number of Striped Bass we encountered, we predict an epic striped bass season. We're seeing a resurgence from the 2015 spawning class, indicating an encouraging growth cycle. Excitement is building as we anticipate the exciting fishing opportunities the coming months promise.

For anyone planning to join us, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Weather conditions: Martha's Vineyard weather can be unpredictable. Always come prepared with a waterproof jacket to stay comfortable and dry.

2. Topwater action: Martha's Vineyard is renowned for its abundant squid population and the predatory behavior this triggers in the bass population. The spectacle of bass cartwheeling and ferociously feeding on the surface is a sight that contributes to the nonstop fishing action. So, remember to pack your favorite topwater lures. We recommend hues of orange, white, or pink.


As we eagerly dive into this fishing season, let's cheer on Martha's Vineyard and our resident squid.


Next Week: Fly Fishing the Flats - Stay Tuned!

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