· By Kevin DeGulis

Why Fly Fish Martha’s Vineyard?

I think what drives a surf fly fisher is the turbulent, noisy ocean, the smell of salt spray, and the thrill of catching a fish in whitewater. You never know what you are going to see. It could be that monster striper that you have been looking for on anycast. These things bring the persistent surf fly fisherman back every migration.      

Then there is the obvious that you can sneak out of the house and get a couple of hours of fishing on a weekend before your family wakes up or a quick sesh before you hit the ferry home. Find your favorite fishing spot along the miles of coastline on Martha's Vineyard, hurl a Clouser minnow into the deep blue.

What Can I Catch? 

Surf fly fishing is a unique way of catching striped bass ranging from the Chilmark to Chappy. Other species include Bluefish, False Albacore.

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